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A New School Year

A Day in the Life of Brayden-  A new school year

As the days tick down and school is about to begin I can feel the anxiety starting to climb at our house.  When I was growing up I remember back to school as a glorious time.  I remember going on a shopping trip to Mall of America or the local mall.  We would spend the day laughing, wandering, and occasionally picking up a new pair of jeans or a needed pair of tennis shoes.  It was never about the stuff.  It was about spending quality time with your mom.

Now the first day of school brings change, newness, and anxiety.  When you have a child that loves routine and familiarity, a new school year gives you a lot of anxiety. Putting Brayden on the bus last year was a struggle.   He often hid, removed his shoes as fast as you could apply them, and made himself into a limp noodle when it was time to walk out to the bus.  He could not communicate to me what the problem was.  It could have been something as simple not liking the feel of the sea…

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